Diamedic Diabetes Logbook offers a unique solution for the diabetic to easily record glucose readings, insulin injections, medications, lab results, vital statistics and exercise workouts on the go. Email results to your doctor right from your iPhone or iTouch and monitor results with instant graphs.

  1. Use the insulin types, medications and exercise types or customize to reflect your own usages and preferences.

  2. Show glucose readings and labs in mmol/L or mg/dL.

  3. Enter insulin injection amounts and glucose readings via scroller wheels or the built-in keyboard.

  4. Graph average daily readings, 30-day running averages or look at your readings as a histogram or scatterplot.

  5. Use the prescription refill calculator to predict refill requirements.

  6. Use the insulin calculator to determine dosages.

  7. Email information to yourself or your doctor.

  8. Exchange data with any FTP file server.

By storing user information in a highly compressed format, Diamedic can record a lifetime of diabetes-related information and accompanying notes in less space than is required to store a single song.