Guitar & Voice


   I teach group and private lessons in voice and guitar at the Old Town School of Folk Music and in a private studio in Lakeview. I set up this website to give my students access to the materials I use for my classes. Enjoy. If you have questions about anything or are interested in private or semi-private lessons, you can email me at rebeccateachesmusic(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Some people are more inspired learning in a group setting. The best thing about playing music is being able to play with other people. The Old Town School of Folk Music has a great roster of classes and teachers to choose from. Check out their website ( or give them a call at 773.728.6000. You can join the thousands of others who come every week for lessons in everything from guitar, fiddle and banjo to West African Dance to Klezmer.


This site is a work in progress! I’m trying to finish it, but decided to go live now so that the resources would be available to my students. If you catch an error, let me know and I’ll fix it. Be sure to check back frequently, as I’ll be adding more content as I go along. Enjoy.


Music Lessons in Chicago

Rebecca Toon holds an MFA in music and teaches in the Chicago area. She excels at teaching beginning to intermediate guitar students and voice students of all ages and ability levels. As a guitar teacher, her interests lie mainly in establishing a solid introduction to popular styles. As a voice teacher, she is comfortable working in all styles.